Source code for cobra.util.util

"""General utilities used across the package."""

import textwrap
from typing import Any

from depinfo import print_dependencies

[docs]def format_long_string(string: str, max_length: int = 50) -> str: """Shorten long string into a small string with ellipsis. Parameters ---------- string: str The long string to shorten. max_length: int, optional The maximum length after which to append ellipsis (default 50). Returns ------- str The shortened string. """ return textwrap.shorten(string, width=max_length, placeholder="...")
[docs]class AutoVivification(dict): """ Implementation of Perl's autovivification feature. Notes ----- For more information, check . """
[docs] def __getitem__(self, item: Any) -> Any: """Retrieve if item is found, else add it. Parameters ---------- item: Any The object to look for. Returns ------- Any The retrieved object. """ try: value = super().__getitem__(item) except KeyError: value = self[item] = type(self)() return value
[docs]def show_versions() -> None: """Print dependency information.""" print_dependencies("cobra")