cobra.manipulation.modify Module Contents


make a single string id SBML compliant

class cobra.manipulation.modify._GeneEscaper[source]

makes all ids SBML compliant

cobra.manipulation.modify.rename_genes(cobra_model, rename_dict)[source]

renames genes in a model from the rename_dict


Split reversible reactions into two irreversible reactions

These two reactions will proceed in opposite directions. This guarentees that all reactions in the model will only allow positive flux values, which is useful for some modeling problems.

cobra_model: A Model object which will be modified in place.

cobra.manipulation.modify.revert_to_reversible(cobra_model, update_solution=True)[source]

This function will convert an irreversible model made by convert_to_irreversible into a reversible model.

cobra_model : cobra.Model
A model which will be modified in place.
update_solution: bool
This option is ignored since model.solution was removed.