Source code for cobra.core.object

"""Define base Object class in Cobra."""

from typing import Optional

[docs]class Object: """Defines common behavior of object in cobra.core.""" def __init__(self, id: Optional[str] = None, name: str = "") -> None: """Initialize a simple object with an identifier. Parameters ---------- id: string, optional the identifier to associate with the object name: string, optional The name to associate with the object. Default "". Objects will have notes and _annotation as dicitionaries, initialized as empty dictionaries. """ self._id = id = name self.notes = {} self._annotation = {} @property
[docs] def id(self) -> str: """Get the Object id. Returns ------- id: str """ return getattr(self, "_id", None)
@id.setter def id(self, value) -> None: """Set the id to value. Parameters ---------- value: str The string to set the id to. Raises ------ TypeError if value is not a string. """ if value == pass elif not isinstance(value, str): raise TypeError("ID must be a string") elif getattr(self, "_model", None) is not None: self._set_id_with_model(value) else: self._id = value
[docs] def _set_id_with_model(self, value) -> None: """Set id with model. This appears to be a stub so it can be modified in dependant classes. Parameters ---------- value: str The string to set the id to. """ self._id = value
[docs] def annotation(self) -> dict: """Get annotation dictionary. Returns ------- _annotation: dict Returns _annotation as a dictionary. """ return self._annotation
@annotation.setter def annotation(self, annotation): """Set annotation. Parameters ---------- annotation: dict Annotation dictionary to set _annotation to. Will raise error if not dict. Raises ------ TypeError if annotation not a dict. """ if not isinstance(annotation, dict): raise TypeError("Annotation must be a dict") else: self._annotation = annotation
[docs] def __getstate__(self) -> dict: """Get state of annotation. To prevent excessive replication during deepcopy, ignores _model in state. Returns ------- state: dict Dictionary of state, excluding _model. """ state = self.__dict__.copy() if "_model" in state: state["_model"] = None return state
[docs] def __repr__(self) -> str: """Return string representation of Object, with class. Returns ------- str Composed of, id and hexadecimal of id. """ return f"<{self.__class__.__name__} {} at {id(self):#x}>"
[docs] def __str__(self) -> str: """Return string representation of object. Returns ------- str as string. """ return str(