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from __future__ import absolute_import

import json
from warnings import warn

from .. import Model, Metabolite, Reaction, Gene
from six import iteritems, string_types

# Detect numpy types to replace them.
    from numpy import float_, bool_
except ImportError:
    class float_:

    class bool_:

_REQUIRED_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES = {"id", "name", "metabolites", "lower_bound",
                                 "upper_bound", "gene_reaction_rule"}
    "objective_coefficient": 0,
    "variable_kind": "continuous",
    "subsystem": "",
    "notes": {},
    "annotation": {},

_REQUIRED_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES = {"id", "name", "compartment"}
    "charge": None,
    "formula": None,
    "_bound": 0,
    "_constraint_sense": "E",
    "notes": {},
    "annotation": {},

    "notes": {},
    "annotation": {},

    "name": None,
    #  "description": None, should not actually be included
    "compartments": {},
    "notes": {},
    "annotation": {},

def _fix_type(value):
    """convert possible types to str, float, and bool"""
    # Because numpy floats can not be pickled to json
    if isinstance(value, string_types):
        return str(value)
    if isinstance(value, float_):
        return float(value)
    if isinstance(value, bool_):
        return bool(value)
    # handle legacy Formula type
    if value.__class__.__name__ == "Formula":
        return str(value)
    if value is None:
        return ''
    return value

def _from_dict(obj):
    """build a model from a dict"""
    if 'reactions' not in obj:
        raise Exception('JSON object has no reactions attribute. Cannot load.')
    model = Model()
        [metabolite_from_dict(metabolite) for metabolite in obj['metabolites']]
    model.genes.extend([gene_from_dict(gene) for gene in obj['genes']])
        [reaction_from_dict(reaction, model) for reaction in obj['reactions']]
    for k, v in iteritems(obj):
        if k in {'id', 'name', 'notes', 'compartments', 'annotation'}:
            setattr(model, k, v)
    return model

[docs]def reaction_from_dict(reaction, model): new_reaction = Reaction() for k, v in iteritems(reaction): if k == 'reversibility' or k == "reaction": continue elif k == 'metabolites': new_reaction.add_metabolites( {model.metabolites.get_by_id(str(met)): coeff for met, coeff in iteritems(v)}) else: setattr(new_reaction, k, v) return new_reaction
[docs]def gene_from_dict(gene): new_gene = Gene(gene["id"]) for k, v in iteritems(gene): setattr(new_gene, k, v) return new_gene
[docs]def metabolite_from_dict(metabolite): new_metabolite = Metabolite() for k, v in iteritems(metabolite): setattr(new_metabolite, k, v) return new_metabolite
def _update_optional(cobra_object, new_dict, optional_attribute_dict): """update new_dict with optional attributes from cobra_object""" for key, default_value in iteritems(optional_attribute_dict): value = getattr(cobra_object, key) if value is not None and value != default_value: new_dict[key] = _fix_type(value) def _to_dict(model): """convert the model to a dict""" obj = dict( reactions=[reaction_to_dict(reaction) for reaction in model.reactions], metabolites=[ metabolite_to_dict(metabolite) for metabolite in model.metabolites ], genes=[gene_to_dict(gene) for gene in model.genes],, ) _update_optional(model, obj, _OPTIONAL_MODEL_ATTRIBUTES) # add in the JSON version obj["version"] = 1 return obj
[docs]def gene_to_dict(gene): new_gene = {key: str(getattr(gene, key)) for key in _REQUIRED_GENE_ATTRIBUTES} _update_optional(gene, new_gene, _OPTIONAL_GENE_ATTRIBUTES) return new_gene
[docs]def metabolite_to_dict(metabolite): new_metabolite = {key: _fix_type(getattr(metabolite, key)) for key in _REQUIRED_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES} _update_optional(metabolite, new_metabolite, _OPTIONAL_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES) return new_metabolite
[docs]def reaction_to_dict(reaction): new_reaction = {key: _fix_type(getattr(reaction, key)) for key in _REQUIRED_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES if key != "metabolites"} _update_optional(reaction, new_reaction, _OPTIONAL_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES) # set metabolites mets = {str(met): coeff for met, coeff in iteritems(reaction._metabolites)} new_reaction['metabolites'] = mets return new_reaction
[docs]def to_json(model): """Save the cobra model as a json string""" return json.dumps(_to_dict(model), allow_nan=False)
[docs]def from_json(jsons): """Load cobra model from a json string""" return _from_dict(json.loads(jsons))
[docs]def load_json_model(file_name): """Load a cobra model stored as a json file file_name : str or file-like object """ # open the file should_close = False if isinstance(file_name, string_types): file_name = open(file_name, 'r') should_close = True model = _from_dict(json.load(file_name)) if should_close: file_name.close() return model
[docs]def save_json_model(model, file_name, pretty=False): """Save the cobra model as a json file. model : :class:`~cobra.core.Model.Model` object file_name : str or file-like object """ # open the file should_close = False if isinstance(file_name, string_types): file_name = open(file_name, 'w') should_close = True if pretty: dump_opts = {"indent": 4, "separators": (",", ": "), "sort_keys": True} else: dump_opts = {} json.dump(_to_dict(model), file_name, allow_nan=False, **dump_opts) if should_close: file_name.close()
json_schema = { "$schema": "", "title": "COBRA", "description": "JSON representation of COBRA model", "type": "object", "properties": { "id": {"type": "string"}, "name": {"type": "string"}, "description": {"type": "string"}, "version": { "type": "integer", "default": 1, }, "reactions": { "type": "array", "items": { "type": "object", "properties": { "id": {"type": "string"}, "name": {"type": "string"}, "metabolites": { "type": "object", "patternProperties": { ".*": {"type": "number"}, } }, "gene_reaction_rule": {"type": "string"}, "lower_bound": {"type": "number"}, "upper_bound": {"type": "number"}, "objective_coefficient": { "type": "number", "default": 0, }, "variable_kind": { "type": "string", "pattern": "integer|continuous", "default": "continuous" }, "subsystem": {"type": "string"}, "notes": {"type": "object"}, "annotation": {"type": "object"}, }, "required": ["id", "name", "metabolites", "lower_bound", "upper_bound", "gene_reaction_rule"], "additionalProperties": False, } }, "metabolites": { "type": "array", "items": { "type": "object", "properties": { "id": {"type": "string"}, "name": {"type": "string"}, "compartment": { "type": "string", "pattern": "[a-z]{1,2}" }, "charge": {"type": "integer"}, "formula": {"type": "string"}, "_bound": { "type": "number", "default": 0 }, "_constraint_sense": { "type": "string", "default": "E", "pattern": "E|L|G", }, "notes": {"type": "object"}, "annotation": {"type": "object"}, }, "required": ["id", "name", "compartment"], "additionalProperties": False, } }, "genes": { "type": "array", "items": { "type": "object", "properties": { "id": {"type": "string"}, "name": {"type": "string"}, "notes": {"type": "object"}, "annotation": {"type": "object"}, }, "required": ["id", "name"], "additionalProperties": False, } }, "compartments": { "type": "object", "patternProperties": { "[a-z]{1,2}": {"type": "string"} } }, "notes": {"type": "object"}, "annotation": {"type": "object"}, }, "required": ["id", "reactions", "metabolites", "genes"], "additionalProperties": False, }