Source code for test_notes

from os.path import join

import cobra
from import read_sbml_model, write_sbml_model

[docs]def test_notes(tmp_path): """Testing if model notes are written in SBML""" path_to_file = join(str(tmp_path), "model_notes.xml") # making a minimal cobra model to test notes model = cobra.Model("e_coli_core") model.notes["Remark"] = "...Model Notes..." met = cobra.Metabolite("pyr_c", compartment="c") model.add_metabolites([met]) met.notes["Remark"] = "Note with \n newline" rxn = cobra.Reaction("R_ATPM") model.add_reactions([rxn]) rxn.notes["Remark"] = "What about me?" model.objective_direction = "max" model.objective = rxn write_sbml_model(model, path_to_file) # reading the model back model_after_reading = read_sbml_model(path_to_file) met_after_reading = model_after_reading.metabolites.get_by_id("pyr_c") reaction_after_reading = model_after_reading.reactions.get_by_id("R_ATPM") # checking if notes are written to model assert model_after_reading.notes["Remark"] == "...Model Notes..." # checking notes for metabolite and reaction assert met_after_reading.notes["Remark"] == "Note with \n newline" assert reaction_after_reading.notes["Remark"] == "What about me?"