Source code for test_context

"""Test functions of"""

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from cobra.util import HistoryManager, get_context, resettable

    from cobra import Model

[docs]def test_history_manager() -> None: """Test initialization and resetting of HistoryManager.""" # initialize HistoryManager history_manager = HistoryManager() # add non-functioning operation history_manager(lambda: 1) # check size of the stack assert history_manager.size() == 1 # reset operations history_manager.reset()
[docs]def test_get_context(model: "Model") -> None: """Test if context retrieval is working.""" with model as model: # reverse optimization direcion model.objective_direction = "min" # retrieve context context = get_context(model) # check size of the context if context: assert context.size() == 1 # there shouldn't be any history if context: assert context.size() == 0
[docs]def test_resettable() -> None: """Test if resettable decorator is functional.""" # decorate a dummy function @resettable def change_my_name(old_name, new_name): """Change old name to new name.""" if old_name != new_name: old_name = new_name # call the dummy function change_my_name("hmm", "hmmm")