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"""Provide an abstract base class that describes a remote model repository."""

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
from typing import Union

import httpx
from rich.progress import (

[docs]class AbstractModelRepository(ABC): """ Define an abstract base class that describes a remote model repository. Attributes ---------- name : str The name of the remote repository. """
[docs] _progress = Progress( TextColumn("{task.fields[model_id]}", justify="right"), BarColumn(bar_width=None), "[progress.percentage]{task.percentage:>3.1f}%", DownloadColumn(), TransferSpeedColumn(), TimeRemainingColumn(),
[docs] name: str = "Abstract"
def __init__(self, *, url: Union[httpx.URL, str], **kwargs) -> None: """ Initialize the model repository. Parameters ---------- url : httpx.URL or str The base URL from where to load the models. Other Parameters ---------------- kwargs Passed to the parent constructor in order to enable multiple inheritance. """ super().__init__(**kwargs) self._url = httpx.URL(url=url) @property
[docs] def url(self) -> httpx.URL: """Return the repository's URL.""" return self._url.copy_with()
[docs] def get_sbml(self, model_id: str) -> bytes: """ Attempt to download an SBML document from the repository. Parameters ---------- model_id : str The identifier of the desired metabolic model. This is typically repository specific. Returns ------- bytes A gzip-compressed, UTF-8 encoded SBML document. """ raise NotImplementedError("Implement `get_sbml` in a concrete child class.")