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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from __future__ import absolute_import

from collections import OrderedDict
from operator import attrgetter, itemgetter

import numpy as np
from numpy import bool_, float_

from cobra.core import Gene, Metabolite, Model, Reaction
from cobra.util.solver import set_objective

[docs]_REQUIRED_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES = [ "id", "name", "metabolites", "lower_bound", "upper_bound", "gene_reaction_rule",
[docs]_ORDERED_OPTIONAL_REACTION_KEYS = [ "objective_coefficient", "subsystem", "notes", "annotation",
[docs]_OPTIONAL_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES = { "objective_coefficient": 0, "subsystem": "", "notes": {}, "annotation": {},
[docs]_REQUIRED_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES = ["id", "name", "compartment"]
[docs]_ORDERED_OPTIONAL_METABOLITE_KEYS = [ "charge", "formula", "_bound", "notes", "annotation",
[docs]_OPTIONAL_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES = { "charge": None, "formula": None, "_bound": 0, "notes": {}, "annotation": {},
[docs]_REQUIRED_GENE_ATTRIBUTES = ["id", "name"]
[docs]_ORDERED_OPTIONAL_GENE_KEYS = ["notes", "annotation"]
[docs]_OPTIONAL_GENE_ATTRIBUTES = { "notes": {}, "annotation": {},
[docs]_ORDERED_OPTIONAL_MODEL_KEYS = ["name", "compartments", "notes", "annotation"]
[docs]_OPTIONAL_MODEL_ATTRIBUTES = { "name": None, # "description": None, should not actually be included "compartments": [], "notes": {}, "annotation": {},
[docs]def _fix_type(value): """convert possible types to str, float, and bool""" # Because numpy floats can not be pickled to json if isinstance(value, str): return str(value) if isinstance(value, float_): return float(value) if isinstance(value, bool_): return bool(value) if isinstance(value, set): return list(value) if isinstance(value, dict): return OrderedDict((key, value[key]) for key in sorted(value)) # handle legacy Formula type if value.__class__.__name__ == "Formula": return str(value) if value is None: return "" return value
[docs]def _update_optional(cobra_object, new_dict, optional_attribute_dict, ordered_keys): """update new_dict with optional attributes from cobra_object""" for key in ordered_keys: default = optional_attribute_dict[key] value = getattr(cobra_object, key) if value is None or value == default: continue new_dict[key] = _fix_type(value)
[docs]def metabolite_to_dict(metabolite): new_met = OrderedDict() for key in _REQUIRED_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES: new_met[key] = _fix_type(getattr(metabolite, key)) _update_optional( metabolite, new_met, _OPTIONAL_METABOLITE_ATTRIBUTES, _ORDERED_OPTIONAL_METABOLITE_KEYS, ) return new_met
[docs]def metabolite_from_dict(metabolite): new_metabolite = Metabolite() for k, v in metabolite.items(): setattr(new_metabolite, k, v) return new_metabolite
[docs]def gene_to_dict(gene): new_gene = OrderedDict() for key in _REQUIRED_GENE_ATTRIBUTES: new_gene[key] = _fix_type(getattr(gene, key)) _update_optional( gene, new_gene, _OPTIONAL_GENE_ATTRIBUTES, _ORDERED_OPTIONAL_GENE_KEYS ) return new_gene
[docs]def gene_from_dict(gene): new_gene = Gene(gene["id"]) for k, v in gene.items(): setattr(new_gene, k, v) return new_gene
[docs]def reaction_to_dict(reaction): new_reaction = OrderedDict() for key in _REQUIRED_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES: if key != "metabolites": if key == "lower_bound" and ( np.isnan(reaction.lower_bound) or np.isinf(reaction.lower_bound) ): new_reaction[key] = str(_fix_type(getattr(reaction, key))) elif key == "upper_bound" and ( np.isnan(reaction.upper_bound) or np.isinf(reaction.upper_bound) ): new_reaction[key] = str(_fix_type(getattr(reaction, key))) else: new_reaction[key] = _fix_type(getattr(reaction, key)) continue mets = OrderedDict() for met in sorted(reaction.metabolites, key=attrgetter("id")): mets[str(met)] = reaction.metabolites[met] new_reaction["metabolites"] = mets _update_optional( reaction, new_reaction, _OPTIONAL_REACTION_ATTRIBUTES, _ORDERED_OPTIONAL_REACTION_KEYS, ) return new_reaction
[docs]def reaction_from_dict(reaction, model): new_reaction = Reaction() for k, v in reaction.items(): if k in {"objective_coefficient", "reversibility", "reaction"}: continue elif k == "metabolites": new_reaction.add_metabolites( OrderedDict( (model.metabolites.get_by_id(str(met)), coeff) for met, coeff in v.items() ) ) else: if k == "lower_bound" or k == "upper_bound": setattr(new_reaction, k, float(v)) else: setattr(new_reaction, k, v) return new_reaction
[docs]def model_to_dict(model, sort=False): """Convert model to a dict. Parameters ---------- model : cobra.Model The model to reformulate as a dict. sort : bool, optional Whether to sort the metabolites, reactions, and genes or maintain the order defined in the model. Returns ------- OrderedDict A dictionary with elements, 'genes', 'compartments', 'id', 'metabolites', 'notes' and 'reactions'; where 'metabolites', 'genes' and 'metabolites' are in turn lists with dictionaries holding all attributes to form the corresponding object. See Also -------- """ obj = OrderedDict() obj["metabolites"] = list(map(metabolite_to_dict, model.metabolites)) obj["reactions"] = list(map(reaction_to_dict, model.reactions)) obj["genes"] = list(map(gene_to_dict, model.genes)) obj["id"] = _update_optional( model, obj, _OPTIONAL_MODEL_ATTRIBUTES, _ORDERED_OPTIONAL_MODEL_KEYS ) if sort: get_id = itemgetter("id") obj["metabolites"].sort(key=get_id) obj["reactions"].sort(key=get_id) obj["genes"].sort(key=get_id) return obj
[docs]def model_from_dict(obj): """Build a model from a dict. Models stored in json are first formulated as a dict that can be read to cobra model using this function. Parameters ---------- obj : dict A dictionary with elements, 'genes', 'compartments', 'id', 'metabolites', 'notes' and 'reactions'; where 'metabolites', 'genes' and 'metabolites' are in turn lists with dictionaries holding all attributes to form the corresponding object. Returns ------- cora.core.Model The generated model. See Also -------- """ if "reactions" not in obj: raise ValueError("Object has no reactions attribute. Cannot load.") model = Model() model.add_metabolites( [metabolite_from_dict(metabolite) for metabolite in obj["metabolites"]] ) model.genes.extend([gene_from_dict(gene) for gene in obj["genes"]]) model.add_reactions( [reaction_from_dict(reaction, model) for reaction in obj["reactions"]] ) objective_reactions = [ rxn for rxn in obj["reactions"] if rxn.get("objective_coefficient", 0) != 0 ] coefficients = { model.reactions.get_by_id(rxn["id"]): rxn["objective_coefficient"] for rxn in objective_reactions } set_objective(model, coefficients) for k, v in obj.items(): if k in {"id", "name", "notes", "compartments", "annotation"}: setattr(model, k, v) return model