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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Define the group class."""

from __future__ import absolute_import

from warnings import warn

from cobra.core.dictlist import DictList
from cobra.core.object import Object

[docs]class Group(Object): """ Manage groups via this implementation of the SBML group specification. `Group` is a class for holding information regarding a pathways, subsystems, or other custom groupings of objects within a cobra.Model object. Parameters ---------- id : str The identifier to associate with this group name : str, optional A human readable name for the group members : iterable, optional A DictList containing references to cobra.Model-associated objects that belong to the group. kind : {"collection", "classification", "partonomy"}, optional The kind of group, as specified for the Groups feature in the SBML level 3 package specification. Can be any of "classification", "partonomy", or "collection". The default is "collection". Please consult the SBML level 3 package specification to ensure you are using the proper value for kind. In short, members of a "classification" group should have an "is-a" relationship to the group (e.g. member is-a polar compound, or member is-a transporter). Members of a "partonomy" group should have a "part-of" relationship (e.g. member is part-of glycolysis). Members of a "collection" group do not have an implied relationship between the members, so use this value for kind when in doubt (e.g. member is a gap-filled reaction, or member is involved in a disease phenotype). """
[docs] KIND_TYPES = ("collection", "classification", "partonomy")
def __init__(self, id, name="", members=None, kind=None): Object.__init__(self, id, name) self._members = DictList() if members is None else DictList(members) self._kind = None self.kind = "collection" if kind is None else kind # self.model is None or refers to the cobra.Model that # contains self self._model = None
[docs] def __len__(self): return len(self._members)
# read-only @property
[docs] def members(self): return self._members
[docs] def kind(self): return self._kind
@kind.setter def kind(self, kind): kind = kind.lower() if kind in self.KIND_TYPES: self._kind = kind else: raise ValueError( "Kind can only by one of: {}.".format(", ".join(self.KIND_TYPES)) )
[docs] def add_members(self, new_members): """ Add objects to the group. Parameters ---------- new_members : list A list of cobrapy objects to add to the group. """ if isinstance(new_members, str) or hasattr(new_members, "id"): warn("need to pass in a list") new_members = [new_members] self._members.union(new_members)
[docs] def remove_members(self, to_remove): """ Remove objects from the group. Parameters ---------- to_remove : list A list of cobra objects to remove from the group """ if isinstance(to_remove, str) or hasattr(to_remove, "id"): warn("need to pass in a list") to_remove = [to_remove] for member_to_remove in to_remove: self._members.remove(member_to_remove)